Sophia Abney is a young lawyer, living a quiet life in Northport, Long Island. An assignment in the early years of her career sends her around the globe, in search of her lost memory. A Thimble of Memory tracks Sophia’s tale of mind control, murder and mystery, from a New York law firm to London, Morocco and the West Indies.

Here in the midst of a growing love, are fractures in time and mind, subtle and terrifying, culminating in the paralyzing realization of her true self. This is a delicate mix of Layla and Qays and 21st century lost identity. The essence of this mind chilling mystery hints and surprises, with a hypnotic crawl toward the truth.

Audra Dehan is married for 35 years and has three children. When she is not writing, she keeps busy running a law practice concentrating in trusts and estates. This is her first novel