Years ago, Donna Cariello heard an inner voice telling her to write a book about the people who have crossed her path, that have made a difference. Within these pages are just some of those real-life stories of amazing people and their life experiences sparked by unseen strength. This book inspired, raises awareness and spreads goodness in commUNITY.
Ambassadors of HOPE is the light that today’s world needs—a spotlight on those who make a choice every day to be ambassadors for what they believe in.
Within each story, the reader will learn to:
Step Up To The Plate: find a cause or mission to make a difference
Listen With Your Heart: understand your purpose in the big picture
Spark A Call To Action: help others allowing good deeds to spill over into your life
Be A Role Model: talk the talk and walk the walk, as actions speak louder than words
Pay It Forward: use your time, talent, money and resources to impact others positively
Together We Can Spark The HOPE Movement!


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