We are delighted to include AUDIOBOOKS among our publishing options, along with digital, paperback and hardcover book options.

Would YOU like to narrate your own audiobook?

We will:

    • send you audio recording equipment
    • schedule a Zoom session to train you on recording software
    • provide written step-by-step instructions to make recording a breeze
    • set up a file-share for you to easily share your recorded files
    • professionally edit and optimize all files
    • add music and sound effects where desired

Your audiobook YOUR way – stress-free all the way!

Audiobooks are the fastest-growing segment of the book industry, and with busy people tuning in on their ever-present cell phones, the market is destined to continue growing. At Red Penguin Books, we can take care of your audiobook with NO STRESS and NO WORK for you—what could be better than that!

Our audiobook prices include:

  • professional narration by own voice actors OR author-narrated audiobooks
  • fully edited audio files to industry standards
  • worldwide publication and distribution—including Amazon, Audible, Google Play, Kobo and Apple
  • audiobook cover image, description and keywords
  • all Mp3 files for you to keep

Publication time for audiobooks will generally range from 4-6 weeks, depending upon the length/complexity of the manuscript. The steps to production/publication include:

  • Fill out the form below to reserve your spot
  • We will need a digital, markable copy of your book. Digital, as your narrator will use a digital rather than paper copy in order to avoid page turn noises. Markable, as your narrator will prepare the manuscript for recording by marking voicing (for different characters, accents, quotes, etc.) and phrasing, as well as adjust any text that is unnecessary for the recorded version.
  • Also, please send along your cover art, description, and book links for publication.
  • As your manuscript is prepared for recording, your narrator will contact you to discuss the pronunciation of names, any desired accents and other points to note.
  • We will record the first 15 minutes as a sample for you to hear and discuss, making sure that the tone, accent and style is what you had in mind before progressing. Additional sample tracks will be made as needed for your approval.
  • After the audiobook is complete, you will receive your MP3s for your own use.
  • You, the author, will retain ALL copyrights and ownership of your manuscript. 
  • You will receive a downloadable press kit and author webpage on our site where you can post upcoming events, book links, photos, videos and more–anytime!
  • You will be included in all of our promotional activities, including television appearances, regular email and social media postings of your audiobook and book-related events to thousands of book lovers, book reviews by our review team and worldwide distribution of your book.

To get started today at our amazing price, fill out the form below:

Samples from our narrators