Are You Looking for a Thrilling, Action-Packed, Mythological Adventure that will leave Gasping for your next Breath? Well, Look No Further!

Morgan and his group of scientists had grown to depend on the Olympian Titans from ancient times. However, along with Jim, Bev, and Marsha, the team struggle with crisis after crisis as the hurdles they face begin to take a toll not only on them, but on the entire galaxy. When a final straw is drawn at last, the whole of the galaxy is forced to confront Zeus and reveal to him that most of them were not merely human – the Olympians had been reborn as humans to save their segment of the universe.

Morgan and Jim then begin to suspect that Zeus, whom they frequently turned to for guidance, was telling far more lies than they had been led to believe, and Bat and Daniel start to discover that the harsh words of the Gods were full of deadly poison. 

Will Morgan and Jim be able to devise a plan that will allow them to rescue their group from the Olympians AND save the galaxy?

Let’s hear from some of our wonderful readers:

“Beth Roose has done it again and made the truly impossible, possible! Her forays into expansive world development and character growth continue to push the bounds of what makes for a great novel.”

Daniel Mank
“Following Morgan and his cohort of scientists is truly such a remarkable experience – I’m already gearing myself up for the next one!”

Ally MacQueen
“Twists and turns are around every corner in this latest title of The Forest Guardian Chronicles, and I for one was on the edge of my seat the whole book through.”

Jamal Gauthier, MD
So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today and prepare for the read of your life!


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