What will you do if someone told you that your existence could ruin the life of the one you love? Would you stay or leave? Will the insecurities of your past overwhelm your need to love and be loved? Would you leave the hand of hope, keep your love bereft of the life he deserves, instead chaining him in the shackles of time and uncertainty?

Set in modern day India and Pakistan, comes a tale of two investigative journalists Ghazanfar and Joanna who are warped in a mysterious hunt for a 12th century Jain icon that was hidden by the guardians of the temple.

As Jo and Ghazi face multiple challenges, they must find out why time has chosen them: an unusual combination of an Indian Christian and a Pakistani Muslim to find the beautiful Jain icon of which they have never heard of before. Join the duo on an exciting adventure that begins in coastal Alibag and engage in a visual walkthrough of the ancient ruins of the Jain temples at Mithi, Kasbo and Malir right up to Umerkot, the birthplace of the Mughal Emperor Akbar, as you travel through the pages of pre- partition India and its undiscovered beauty.

It is in this arduous journey of rediscovering lost history that both young people must delve into their own past and decide whether they will leave the bitterness of earlier misfortunes to create the life they have always longed for. Will their love wither long before it has even begun to blossom or will they take the leap of faith to move forward together despite every obstacle?

Read on to know more about this tale that binds feudalism, tradition, romance and tragedy in what promises to be a journey to remember…


“A pacy read with all the essential ingredients to keep you hooked—romance, conflict, crime and a healthy sprinkling of intrigue.” 

~ Kiran Manral, Author of Missing Presumed Dead, INDIA   

“Riveting! This novel is refreshing and entertaining! The author pens a captivating and masterful page-turning story of culture, love, and romance in a beautiful exotic setting in modern India. Utterly fascinating, a must read.” 

~ Rianna Richards, USA   

“I am reading the final pages of Every Sunset has a story, just heard breaking news, a 19 years old Kashmiri rebel, rammed his explosives-laden car into a bus carrying paramilitary troopers along a highway in Pulwama district. Coincidentally this novel is so relevant to what is happening in Pakistan and India, this novel represents the feeling of the common people of both countries, people from both sides of the order must read this novel.” 

~ Syed Ishrat Hussain, UK  

“The title of this story is absolutely apt, and discovering why it is so, is a treat. Katherine has perfectly highlighted the stubborn mentality that has persisted over decades among many people of the Indian subcontinent showing how they have let hatred, pride and the fear of the unknown fester within, whereas the solution to it is so simple. There are some brilliant moments in the book that will stay with you for long. The author has beautifully painted a mental picture for us and I have learned so many new things and kept looking up the places and art forms as I read on. The language is uncomplicated and the story is extremely engaging and relatable.” 

~ Divya Shetty (storyteller)  


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