Do you know someone who is a theater buff? All the world’s a stage with these fantastic gifts!


Any theater aficionado would love reading The Theater and I by Mark Lord to get insight from other theater lovers. The Theater and I offers an insiders look at the love of the theater, and this #1 new release is a great read for anyone who breaks out into song at the drop of a hat. order now!

What theater lover would appreciate a journal to take notes on their favorite performances? If you collect Playbills – I sure do! – then this is the perfect way to keep them safe and in mint condition.

They will think of you every time they reach for their keys with this fabulous theatrical themed keychain.

It's All About...You! Find Joy in The Journey Comedy Tragedy Mask Theatre Keychain 112X

As they count down the months, this calendar will give them a chance to view Playbills from acclaimed Broadway shows. It would be a great place for a theater lover to write the dates of upcoming shows, to have something to look forward to in 2020.

To top it off, who wouldn’t love some delicious snacks while reading all about the theater? Snack boxes are available in all shapes, sizes and flavors as well.Box-O-Snacks Super Candy Variety Box 3 Pounds of Candy