Do you want to write a book, but just can’t get started?

  • For business reasons, as a book establishes instant credibility

  • To fulfill yourself creatively

  • For self-affirmation

  • To preserve your memories or that of a family member

  • To collect tips or other material

  • Because you have a great story to tell

  • As a life-project, a capstone activity or a personal way to leave a legacy


Millions of people – in fact, almost 90% of the population – want to write a book, yet never fulfill that dream. You can write YOUR book – and display it proudly so that simply catching a glance of it will give you a boost and remind you that “yes you can!”


Start by figuring out your 5 W’s:

WHY – are you writing your book?

WHAT – will your book be about?

WHO – are you writing your book for?

WHEN – do you want your book to be finished?

WHERE – will you write, publish and promote your book?