Welcome to my book “GOODNIGHT PORT!” I wanted to share my love of sunsets in book form – and what better way than to provide photos showcasing Port’s best asset, the waterfront and its sunsets. Yes, this book consists of pretty pictures, but also provides a look at the ever-changing and unique sunsets of Manhasset Bay. As I say, God provides the sunset canvas. I capture and enhance it to bring out its best qualities for all to enjoy.

I captured over 3,000 sunsets, day after day, season after season, for over 10 years and  photographed four times as many sunset pictures during COVID than the previous five years combined. What else do you do during lockdown? You walk, eat, or take photos of anything and everything, which for me was photographing the magnificent sunsets of Manhasset Bay. My hope is that all of you enjoy these sunset photos of Manhasset Bay as much as I loved taking them. Whenever or wherever you find yourself during the day, take time to capture a photographic scene that provides you with a sense of peace and serenity. Now, get out there and start taking your own sunset photos from your favorite spot.