Lori lost her son Logan when he took his life in December of 2017. As her life and the way she knew it was altered forever, she used writing and social media as a way to process her grief. By doing so, she began creating awareness for suicide and mental health, which fulfilled a new purpose and encouraged her to continue. This book is a synopsis of her posts, a journal-like account of the struggles faced by Lori and her family through the aftermath of the ‘What Ifs’ and the things they found hope in.

It’s for those that want insight into the neverending journey of losing a child, especially by suicide. It’s for those that are struggling through their own demons, and looking for hope, options, and support.

It’s for those that have joined the club and lost their own children. Offering the realization that your state of mind and reactions are normal, and that you aren’t alone in them.

A real-time glimpse inside a mother’s heart over the first year after losing her son.

Losing a loved one to suicide can be isolating and leaves us feeling hollow and alone with hundreds of unanswered questions. After a loss by suicide, healing can come from the telling of our stories. This book is a mother’s journey to understanding the loss of her son, Logan. Lori’s honest voice is full of heartbreak, pain, hope and healing. Thank you Lori for your courage and willingness to share your story of grief for Logan’s tragic death and the life he may have led.

Kim Severn, MA, LPC. School counselor, university instructor, and suicide researcher. Board of Pines Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership and national speaker on adolescent suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention.

I read Lori’s writings before, and then unfortunately, after my daughter took her life. Relatable and raw, they helped me navigate mental illness and then survive the days and weeks after my daughter died. Her openness and details of the experiences she went through are so identifiable and aided me through so many of my moments, especially confirming I’m not alone.

Heather Jones, MSN RN Co-worker and NICU nurse. Mother of Haley who took her life on March 23, 2018 at age 13.


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