Well here it is … my announcement of a partnership with Red Penguin Books to facilitate putting my thoughts, struggles, and well, really my journey, into a spinal back form. So many of you have continued over and over again encouraging me to write a book and although my heart would tug gently that way, I just wasn’t sure this was my path? Your love for my heart and words truly humbles me and continued to let me know how supportive each of you are. At first, I thought a few were just being nice and uplifting, but the theme, “Lori you need to write a book” continued in full force over the past 16 months.
And so after some prayer and “signs” (thank you Michelle for the final push, and Janice for the connection of your relative, a great Publisher), I have agreed to a proposal to get this going!  I have been a little restless as to my new identity and trying to figure out my purpose, but all along it has been so therapeutic for me to share. My purpose in sharing is simply to help, however that looks to each person reading, so it makes sense to me that I would figure out a way to get that to as many people as possible.
I will not be “starting over” writing a book, but with some editing help, will compile my posts and perhaps add a few additional ones that while were construed in my thoughts, never made it to paper. There are many decisions to be made, including book cover, title, genre, and marketing direction and I’ll be looking to you all for input. So many of you have walked with me through this journey, this is “our project”.
Stephanie, at Red Penguin Books, has been extremely generous in assisting me to make this as feasible as possible, including “gifting” some of the aspects. Her heart is so big and after speaking with her a few times, she is another great reason I’m feeling lead down this path. But while this is all great and exciting, as you know, there are many costs associated with creating a final product that can be distributed including but not limited to: book layout and formatting, custom book cover, publishing, printing, and promotions.
Since so many of you have been a part of this from the beginning, I feel it appropriate to invite you to join me in being a financial piece too. The initial goal is $800 but any monies collected over that would be used for donating books to first responders (such as law enforcement and dispatchers as suicide is the number one cause of death amongst this population), victim advocates, churches, or wherever the need presents. Donating will allow me to recognize you as a partner within the acknowledgments of the book, and on the website page of the publisher. If you are a business, your business “link” can be included as well on this website page.
Below is the form to donate.
Please know that there are no fees associated with donating this way so more can go towards the mission!

If you have any questions, please reach out and one last thing, please keep prayer going over Stephanie, myself, and any that will be touched by having this grief journey in their hands.

“not my will, but yours be done.” Luke 22:42

Fill out my online form.

A note from Stephanie:

I am honored to be working with Lori to help to bring her faith, wisdom and resilience through such unspeakable darkness to a book to share with others, as I know what comfort and direction it will bring to those in need. When Lori and I spoke about unchangable costs—such as initial print runs—she asked about the possibility of doing a “Go Fund Me” type of project online. In order to avoid the fees associated with such fundraising efforts, I offered to put together a donation page on our site, with all proceeds going to book expenses, and then onward to donations to those in need. I am so proud to partner with Lori in this effort, and thank you so much for your support to Lori always.