Red Penguin Books has often teamed with authors and organizations in order to shed light – and finances – upon different issues in the world which we support, including:

  • sexual assault victims
  • mental health issues
  • victims of drunk driving
  • war-torn nations
  • suicide
  • military families

In order to be able to support issues and organizations more fully, we are launching a new publishing imprint – Red Pangolin Press – which will focus upon non-profits and those in need.

Red Pangolin Press will work to better the world in two different ways:

  • publishing books that directly support organizations and causes which are close to our hearts, and
  • our new anthology series, whose proceeds will go to organizations which are part of the focus of the particular volume

How can YOU get involved?

#1 – If you know (or are part of) an organization who would benefit from book publication, please connect with us, and we will come up with a game plan for a book that can:

  • bring attention to your cause
  • tell your stories, thus encouraging more engagement and donations
  • be used for fundraising and gifting
  • raise money and awareness for your group and mission

#2 – Participate in our new anthology program, which will call attention to causes and issues around the world, with the proceeds supporting organizations and missions mentioned in the anthology. The first books in the series currently open for submission are listed below.