“I was nervous. Nervous about writing and completing my book, nervous about meeting a new and accomplished Publisher, Stephanie Larkin from Red Penguin Books, and nervous about sitting across the table from her at a diner! Who, me? Who am I? I can’t eat in front of her let alone tell her I’m a wanna be author and I need her help. I got up the gumption to walk in that diner, sit across from this beautiful women in all red, and actually order eggs.”

“We spoke at length, we laughed and talked about my new venture in becoming a first time Author. I felt comfortable, heck I felt excited! After one conversation I could feel it in my bones. Little ole’ me would soon be a real live Author.”

“The process was a smooth one. I thought her rates were extremely fair as I’m one to do my research first. The best part? Stephanie made it seem so easy. The flow from one step to the next was smooth and in a timely manner. I will be honest, one glitch. And it was all on Amazon. They delayed posting the hardcover version and in my case, this was the most important to me. It didn’t matter that it was out of Red Penguins control, Stephanie was on the phone several times a week doing everything in her power to get the glitch fixed.”

“People write books for so many different reasons. I’ve had friends who used Red Penguin that write personal stories, how-to books, novels and non-fiction. I’ve been lucky to watch them flow through their own process with Stephanie, and in the end, it was so exciting for me to see their unique and beautiful project completed, and so quickly!”

“Red Penguin’s helped me to market my book through local venues, writing clubs and on their Internet Television show. Each and every time I see her, she speaks so highly about my book to the crowd in the room. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both her Mom and Husband. They are one in the same, genuine and real. I wanted to pass along some of my good experiences with Red Penguin. Often we get to hear the negative stories and the complaints people have for services rendered. Today you’ll hear nothing but positive.”

Don’t think twice. If you have the desire to write that book, start today, start now. Get out the pad and pen, leave it on your coffee table and in between, “This Is Us”, add a few paragraphs to the page. Baby steps, you’ve heard of them. You’ve got this, now get to it. Before long, you’ll be calling Stephanie again, letting her know about the second book that’s almost finished, just like me. Give her a call. It’s just a conversation. Order the Western Omelet! Then sit back and see what happens, simply magical! 

Thanks Red Penguin for doing what you do!

Susan Capurso – The Legacy Doula / “Remember Me- The Story of My Life.”