We all have a story. When your great-grandchildren’s children pick up your story one day, WOW! This is a treasure beyond any other treasure that you can leave. More than the clothes in your closet, the tools in your garage, your Christmas house collection or the jewelry in your box. It will be the Story of Your Life—your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and dreams, the knowledge, experiences and your life’s education that you will leave for everyone, just priceless!


Our lives are not just about creating memories. It’s about remembering the memories we created and sharing our wisdom and experiences, in turn helping future generations to have a better tomorrow. Every day, we are creating new memories that we hope will last a lifetime. We are living a story that our children and grandchildren will one day want to revisit. We guide our children through life and serve as that shoulder to lean on when they need us the most. But if today was your last day with them, what will your children really have to remember you by?

A few photos, hopefully, a video? Pass down more than just a prized possession or a trust fund, pass down a piece of yourself, a piece of your history. It can possibly change the course of your descendant’s life, this ultimate, one of a kind and amazing gift!

Through prompts and direction, you will preserve the proudest memories in your life and leave behind a legacy that your children will treasure with their family and friends tomorrow. You have the power to make changes, to complete this story while the memories are still clear and concise. Life is so short, so take advantage of preserving your story now, while you still can. Have fun with this project, it will take you on a journey like no other. Congratulations on being mindful and pro-active in creating the “The Story of Your Life”!


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