“Stand Out, Vol. 2” is the second edition to the Stand Out Series, a collection of anthologies that celebrate the best of the work published under The Red Penguin Collection. This volume features prose and poetry from the titles “A Heart Full of Love”, a collection of romance short stories; “The Roaring 20s”, a decade-specific historical fiction anthology; “the flower shop on the corner”, a springtime inspired poetry collection; “Behind Closed Doors”, a prose mystery anthology; and “Once Upon A Time…”, an assortment of fairy tales both new and retold.

Presenting the work of the following writers:

  • Suzanne Baginskie
  • Paula Gail Benson
  • Linda Boerstler
  • Dave Courbanou
  • Linda M. Crate
  • Subhrasankar Das
  • Debbie De Louise
  • M. M. De Voe
  • Linda Trott Dickman
  • Elaine Donadio
  • Aleathia Drehmer
  • John Floyd
  • Anita Haas
  • Melinda Hagenson
  • Kim Hart
  • Christina Hoag
  • Shevaun Cavanaugh Kastl
  • Michael P. Kusen
  • David Lange
  • Jeffrey Alan Lockwood
  • Carolyn Martin
  • Ella Moon
  • Robert A. Morris
  • Linda Neal Reising
  • Janet Maika’i Rudolph
  • Benedetto Varotta
  • Eric Wayne

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