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The Letters is much more than a compelling love story. It is an intimate view into a woman’s mind and heart and a soldier’s life through his correspondence during the Vietnam War.

The author believes she has securely put aside her grief from the loss of a man she was to marry so long ago, only to have it re-emerge as a result of a chance meeting linking her to the past. Retrieving the letters takes her back to the beginning, uncovering the layers of love, pain and insight resulting from rediscovering a love so potent that it has lasted a lifetime and beyond.

It upholds the belief that life exists outside of our physical being, that deep love never dies and although there are circumstances we may not understand, there is a cosmic thread running through our lives.


“Anyone who has experienced loss and grief will find solace in this memoir by a gifted writer who exquisitely expresses her truth, pain, courage and capacity for love. A must read to be shared with others!”

~ Nancy Slonim Aronie, author of Writing from the Heart: Tapping the Power of Your Inner Voice 


“This is a beautiful love story about two people who were destined to be together. Whoever reads this story will know that everything about the life of a soldier is authentically depicted.”

~ Tom Conti, Vietnam veteran


“No one has better expressed the quest for eternal love than Barbara Spinelli in her memoir, The Letters.  I invite everyone who longs for authentic and lasting feelings to read her book, a gift from the heart.”

~ Carlo Mignano, author of Quest for Yesterday


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