Each collection is an anthology that will focus on a different theme or genre, ranging from mystery and romance to coming of age and social changes. Interested authors will submit works that fit the requirements of any given project. If Red Penguin accepts the submission for the limited spots in each Collection, the submission will be published and promoted through Red Penguin Books. 

There is no charge for submission, and if an author’s work is accepted for publication and the author wishes to participate in the program, the author will receive the following benefits above and beyond publication:

We are looking forward to reading the submissions we receive. There are many books planned, so if an author’s submission is not accepted at this time, we certainly hope that the author will continue on their writing journey and submit again at a later time, perhaps even for a different genre or theme which may be a better fit for their writing.

Submissions can be made at https://redpenguinbooks.com/upcoming-publications/