Rachel, the heroine introduced in the “The Mysterious Animal Soup and Rachel’s Gifts,” returns in this story of suspense taking place at the US Tennis Open Junior competition, where her young brother Johnnie is competing. After a bombing in a facility where Johnnie and his two friends are playing, the Leo Glick family is faced with life and death decisions, and the need to solve the mystery of who is threatening Johnnie’s life. Rony Kessler’s story involves not only mystery but sports, excelling youths, and their relationships to coaches, parents, friends and, most importantly, to their own ambitions and what they are willing to do for success. 

Rony Kessler is an Israeli-born American, whose character Rachel was born in his mind more than twenty years ago. “The Tennis Bomber” is a page-turner that offers an introduction to a subject every young person knows about … competition. With twelve grandchildren, author Rony Kessler hopes that the book will motivate readers to become more aware and informed about the importance of how they judge others and behave in difficult situations.