Why do you want to write a book? Why would writing a book be a great idea for your business, career or organization?

There are as many reasons for writing a book as there are writers in the world, and each person has his or her own unique reason “why” – that reason that keeps them motivated through the difficult, uninspired stressful times. When I first begin working with a prospective author, my first challenge is to uncover the person’s “why” – to help the new author to discover his or her own goals, motivations and inspirations.

Often a person will ask me if a particular topic is “viable” or “trending” and if it would make a saleable topic for a book. I can tell by that question that the person is thinking that the one and only reason to write a book is to sell books and make money. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Not only is that not the only reason why someone should write a book, it isn’t even a good or realistic reason.

Think of it this way – if you came to me and mentioned that you were thinking of taking up golf – investing in golf lessons and purchasing a set of clubs – – and the reason why you were doing this was that you wanted to be a champion pro golfer, what would my reaction be? If, on the other hand, you decided to take up golf because many people in your industry conduct business meetings on the golf course and you are missing out on potential deals, I would commend you for your decision to take up the sport. Similarly, writing a book can be a great way to promote your business or career, but don’t write a book to sell loads of books and make money.

Here are three great reasons to write a book:

A Book Establishes Instant Credibility

We have all had the experience of attending a speech or workshop, and wondering who the guest speaker would be, since it was a person you hadn’t heard of. You looked at the program and saw that they were ” . . . the author of . . . ” and you instantly had a newfound respect for this unknown person, who went up several notches in your eyes just by the fact that he wrote a book.

Writing a book – adding the words ” . . . author of . . . ” to your bio – can give you instant relevance in your field, as you are the person who literally “wrote the book” on a particular area. Your book will become so integral to your business images that the words “author of” will be prominently placed right after your name – it is THAT effective.

A Book is the ULTIMATE Marketing Tool

While everyone can have business cards or a brochure to distribute, a book can be the “ultimate business card” and help with prospective clients to seal the deal. When these persons have your book – and that book has made it into their homes, briefcases or offices – you have taken up residence in their lives, and they are more likely to use you and your services. People keep books – often forever – and a book can easily be shared with others as well.  A book is the ultimate marketing tool because you can use it in the workshops or training sessions that you deliver as well, giving your audience a piece of you to take home with them.

A Book Helps to Differentiate You from the Crowd

If you are in a crowded business field, you may be finding it difficult to establish your unique voice, and somehow make yourself memorable to others. A book makes you stand out from the crowd, and helps others not only to remember you, but to think of you as an individual and not just one of a bunch. A book places you one step higher than the rest, and makes people want to work with you, as you seem very different from the “norm”. And a book doesn’t have to be a Pulitzer prize winning book – even a simple book of resources to use, questions to consider or blank pages to record information will separate you from the crowd.


These are but 3 solid, beneficial reasons to write a book. Discovering YOUR reason – and imagining your new, improved life after your book has been completed – is the first step towards writing a book that will bring you professional and personal rewards.