Writing a book can be a great idea for your business, career or organization, for so many reasons, mainly because

  • A Book Establishes Instant Credibility
  • A Book is the ULTIMATE Marketing Tool
  • A Book Helps to Differentiate You from the Crowd

But what about a personal book? One for which there is little to no possible professional or financial gain? Should you write YOUR book?

In a short answer . . . ABSOLUTELY!!!

Writing a book for yourself is ALWAYS a wonderful idea, and the benefits can be even more far-reaching than those of a “professional” book. Yes, you should write YOUR book for many reasons, including:

To fulfill yourself creatively

Many studies have shown that adults who have a creative outlet in their lives – whether it be singing in a choir, attending “paint nights” or going out dancing – are healthier and are able to manage stress better than those who are “all work and no play”. Writing a book – and the adventure that goes along with it – is a fabulous creative outlet, one which will bring you moments of excitement and pride both during and after the writing process.

For self-affirmation

There is nothing quite like seeing your name on the cover of a book to say “You did it!” Millions of people – in fact, almost 90% of the population – want to write a book, yet never fulfill that dream. You can write YOUR book – and display it proudly so that simply catching a glance of it will give you a boost and remind you that “yes you can!”

To preserve your memories or that of a family member

There is no greater gift to give to yourself or to your family than that of a record of personal familial history. The very first book published by Red Penguin Books was a personal memoir – one written by my beloved step-father and painstakingly typed by my mother. The gift of that memoir is beyond price, and he is alive today through the pages of this very personal and valuable record of his life.

To collect recipes, tips or other material

As a non-cook – or one who simply manages to put food on the table in some form each night (even if it involves a phone call!), I am dazzled by people who can cook, bake, knit, paint or even simply know the best way to remove a stain. A book as a collection – either just of your personal knowledge or one with contributors – is a great way to share your gifts with others – or at least record them for a day when you may forget yourself.

As a life-project, a capstone activity or a personal way to leave a legacy

Writing a book is a great way to honor and celebrate a turning point in life – whether it be the end of your school years, a cross-country move, a year (or years!) of traveling the world or reflections on a new baby. Writing a book isn’t just about a finished “masterpiece” – it is about the journey and adventure of writing. Whether you are collecting stories and photos, researching new things, meeting people around the world or sitting under a tree to reflect, writing YOUR book is a gift to yourself – an adventure of a lifetime to save in a permanent record for the future.

Don’t delay – get started today!